My Mastery Story

About me

Ali Osman Asan who is the founder of Düzce Gunstock started his business life TURKEY as a wooden chest manufacturer. He encountered gunstock blanks business second part of 1980s then he started doing this job passionately. Ali Osman Asan taught all his experience to his sons and two generations have been doing this job with love as a real family business. Düzce Gunstock, has become a company that exports retail or wholesale to all around world. Düzce Gunstock, collects the finest quality of walnut trees from southeast of Turkey and goes through the production stages in our two facilities. All products are carefully checked one by one, the faulty ones are eliminated. Then gunstock blanks left to natural dry to 10% – 20% humudity. Quality and honesty are Düzce Gunstocks’s motto in business life. The satisfaction of our customers motivates us to do our job better.